Division 07 Mme Digeso

le 3 mars,  2014

Gr 3 spelling list

Spelling – Long  i   i_e

1. rice
2. mice
3. life
4. time
5. side
6. bike
7. wipe
8. dive
9. mine
10. tile
11. ripe
12. light
13. night
14. frightening



le 1er juin, 2012

Hello to all!

Our Dictée 26 words for next week are:

Grades 2 & 3 – “ail” / “aille”

1. un rail

2. de l’ail

3. une caille

4. la paille

5. un caillou

6. un maillon


Grade 3

7. le bétail

8. un épouvantail

9. un éventail

10. une médaille

11. un tailleur

12. un maillot

Spelling 16 – Plural Nouns

When a singular noun ends in a consonant and ‘y’, change the ‘y’ to ‘i’ and add ‘es’.

1. daisy – daisies

2. butterfly – butterflies

3. sky – skies

4. baby – babies

5. army – armies

6. fairy – fairies

This ‘dictée’ will not be tested until Friday, June 15th because of the Pro D day on June 8th. I cannot believe how few Spelling lists there are left!

I appreciate and thank you for all the support you give your child in developing their academic and social skills. Even with the fast approaching summer holidays and all the fun sports leagues at this time of year, it is important that the children continue to practise their reading and their math skills almost nightly.

Enjoy your weekend and break from the routine!

Mme Rosina

le 25 mai

Hello to all!

Our Dictée words for next week are:

Grades 2 & 3 – “ill” / “ille”

1. une bille

2. une famille

3. le gorille

4. la quille

5. le papillon

6. une cédille


Grade 3

7. la chenille

8. le grille-pain

9. une aiguille

10. une béquille

11. une jonquille

12. un guillemet


13. le maquillage

14. chatouiller

Spelling 15 – Plural Nouns

Some singular nouns form their plural in special ways and need to be memorized:

1. man – men

2. woman – women

3. child – children

4. foot – feet

5. tooth – teeth

6. mouse – mice

Just a reminder:

This Sunday, May 27th, the yearly World Partnership Walk will take place. Anyone planning on taking part from our School, please meet Mrs. Margetts, our vice-principal, and Mme Rosina at 10:30 at the Beacon Hill Park band shell.

For more information, email: victoria@worldpartnershipwalk.com.

It looks like it will be a great weekend for this fundraiser walk!!

Mme Rosina

le 11 mai

Hello to all!

Our Dictée words for next week are:

Grades 2 & 3 – “eu” / “oeu”

1. le tracteur

2. neuf

3. je mesure

4. la peur

5. le coeur

6. une soeur


Grade 3

7. la noirceur

8. une heure

9. un déjeuner

10. la vapeur d’eau

11. Monsieur

12. un choeur


13. des hors-d’oeuvre

14. un chef d’oeuvre

Spelling 14 – Plural Nouns

Nouns that are the same for both singular and plural:

1. 1 deer, 2 deer

2. 1 tuna, 2 tuna

3. 1 salmon, 2 salmon

4. 1 sheep, 2 sheep

5. 1 moose, 2 moose

6. 1 elk, 2 elk

7. 1 trout, 2 trout

8. 1 cod, 2 cod

This coming Wednesday, May 16th, our class will be taking part in this year’s “Jump Rope for Heart” event. It will continue to be a fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, but with a simplified approach and very small prizes. The winning division though will be awarded a class swim. The focus will be on promoting ‘Endurance, Enthusiasm, and Cooperation’.

Our class will be buddying up with Mme Ewald’s class and will go outdoors to skip at 1:55. Mme Ewald suggested we be the ‘Blue T-shirt Team”! Please have your child come to school wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts on Wednesday. Your child may also wear special socks, a cap and face paint or may have ‘crazy hair’.

Two of the skipping rhymes we have used while skipping:

1. Crème glacée,

Limonade sucrée,

Quel est le nom

De ton bien-aimée? / De ta bien-aimée?

2. Bluebells

Bonne fin de semaine à tous!!

Mme Rosina

le 4 mai

Hello to all!

Our Dictée words for next week are:

Grades 2 & 3 – “eu” / “oeu”

1. un pneu

2. jeudi

3. mieux

4. des yeux

5. les cheveux

6. des oeufs

Grade 3

7. une queue

8. il pleut

9. le vieux

10. des amoureux

11. chanceux

12. un noeud


13. dangereux

14. heureux

Spelling 13 – Plural Nouns

Changing the ‘y’ to ‘i’ and adding ‘es’:

1. penny / pennies

2. bunny / bunnies

3. pony / ponies

4. party / parties

5. candy / candies

6. cherry / cherries

Bonne fin de semaine à tous!!

Mme Rosina

le 27 avril

Hello to all!

Our Dictée words for next week are:

Grades 2 & 3 – “gn”

1. un orignal

2. la montagne

3. un agneau

4. le peigne

5. la campagne

6. deux oignons

Grade 3

7. un cygne

8. la baignoire

9. la cigogne

10. une araignée

11. les champignons

12. le magnétophone


13. C’est magnifique!

14. magnétique

Spelling 13 – Plural Nouns

One word from each of the following word lists:

1. cars, games, balls

2. dresses, losses, buses

3. brushes, bushes, dishes

4. peaches, bunches,churches

5. boxes, foxes, sixes

Bonne fin de semaine à tous!!

Mme Rosina

le 20 avril

Hello to all!

Our Dictée words for next week are:

Grades 2 & 3 – “ui” / “oui”

1. Oui!

2. la nuit

3. le parapluie

4. une ruine

5. un fruit

6. une suite

Grade 3

7. il est minuit

8. le bruit

9. une truie

10. la cuisine

11. le ruisseau

12. un buisson


13. suivre

14. depuis

15. éblouissant

Spelling 12 – Review Unit

One word from each of the following word lists:

1. game, page, gate, tape, tale, race

2. tail, wait, rain, pain, day, ray

3. rope, note, poke, vote, pole, joke

4. boat, loaf, soap, moan, low, row

5. cube, uase, tube, glue, new, flew

Bonne fin de semaine à tous!!

Mme Rosina

le 13 avril

Hello to all!

Our Dictée words for next week are:

Grades 2 & 3 – “oin” / “ouin”

1. Ouin!

2. du foin

3. la jointure

4. c’est pointu

5. un babouin

6. un poing

Grade 3

7. moins

8. un point

9. un marsouin

10. un poinçon

11. un maringouin

12. un pingouin

Bonus: dans un avenir lointain

C’est la moindre des choses!

Spelling 11 – “ū” as in “u-e” or ‘ew’

One word from each of the rhyming word list:

1. cube, tube,

2. cute, mute, brute

3. use, fuse, abuse

4. cure, endure, sure

5. dew, few, new, yew

6. flew, drew, crew, stew

The children are being encouraged to read a short session each evening until the end of the year. I have promised the children a small recompense each for attaining a minimum of 100 Night Reading Challenge.

We have been using money to help us with skip counting and with mental math questions. The children have also been earning Monopoly type money for displaying responsible behavior in class. After recess, on Wednesday, May 23rd, we are planning on spending our hard earned ‘cash’ in our pretend classroom stores.

Our shops will include a Pet Store, a Restaurant, a Bookstore, a Sporting Goods Store, a Craft/Hobby/Stationery Store and a Toy/Dress Up Store. The students will have the opportunity both to operate the stores and to go shopping in them.

We will need items to stock our shops. If you have any USED items at home that you would like to recycle please send them to school by Friday, May 11th or if you can contribute some baked goods for our Restaurant please also let us know by May 11th. Thank you so much!

Here are some suggested items for:

The Pet Store – toy animals (stuffies, figurines, but nothing ‘special’ please)

The Restaurant – cookies, baking, juice (Let us know on or before May 11th, but please send on May 23rd.)

The Bookstore – used children’s books

The Sporting Goods Store – frisbees, skipping ropes, balls, etc.

The Craft/Hobby/Stationery Store – games, puzzles, art supplies, sidewalk chalk, cards

The Toy/Dress Up Store – action figures, parachute figures, (parts of) costumes, etc.

I thank you and wish you a wonderful weekend with your family!

Mme Rosina

le 30 mars

Bonjour, les parents!

This coming week we will:

…………. dye eggs. Please send in two eggs in a part of an egg carton.

I gave the children the option to bring in either raw or hard boiled eggs.

The hard boiled ones are safer, the raw ones eventually dry out on the

inside and more closely resemble the blown out ones. If anyone has

experience decorating eggs and would like to help in the classroom next

week, please email me at .

…………. plant wheat seeds on Tuesday with Karima, Qaeeza’s mother. Their family

has also prepared a dessert eaten at “Navroz” to share with the class.

Dictée words

Grades 2 & 3 – “oir” / “eoir”

1. noir

2. Bonsoir!

3. le rasoir

4. tiroir

5. le devoir

6. le mouchoir

Grade 3

7. le trottoir

8. un arrosoir

9. un aiguisoir

10. l’espoir

11. s’asseoir

12. pouvoir

Bonus: un entonnoir

Au revoir!

Spelling 10 – “ō”

One word from each of the rhyming word list:

1. boat, goat, coat

2. goal, coal, foal

3. toad, road, load

4. oak, soak, cloak

5. loan, moan

6. own, shown, blown

7. flow, low, show, row, mow

It was super that everyone finished this week’s booklet and that most of the children remembered to bring back their ‘Lecture chez soi/Home Reading’ March calendar. I have to mention as well that our class is receiving numerous compliments from other adults at Doncaster for the respectful way they walk through the halls.

We talked about the “Water Cycle” this past week. Please ask your child to explain:

l’évaporation, la condensation, la précipitation et la collection. Maybe they can also show you the demonstartion that accompanied the first three stages.

Have a great weekend with your family! 🙂

Mme Rosina

le 27 mars

Bonjour, tout le monde!

I am writing to inform you that I have been given the option of continuing to work in your child’s classroom since Mme Sanderson’s leave will continue to the end of June, 2012. I am delighted to stay on as your child’s teacher for the rest of this school year!

This Thursday, March 29, Nikko Snow from the Dynamic Arts School will present ‘Moon Dance’ to our class. This workshop, which will run from 10:35 to 11:35, will include some rhythm, dance and song and will cost us $75. Each child is asked to bring in $4 to cover the cost of the presentation. Please let me or M. Hansen know if you are unable to pay as no child will be denied access due to inability to pay.

A la prochaine!

Mme Rosina

le 9 mars, 2012

Hello to all the Div. 8 parents!

Sorry that we have changed our minds about the Dictée. I initially asked the children to choose their own words to study from the phonics booklet that was sent home. Since so few children indicated that they had already chosen Dictée words, we developed an official list of words for the Friday of the first week after Spring Break.

Grades 2 & 3 – “oi/oy”

1. une étoile

2. un oiseau

3. le froid

4. un doigt

5. pourquoi

6. boire

Grade 3

7. un voyage

8. la patinoire

9. incroyable

10. pitoyable

11. un aide-mémoire

12. la proie

Spelling 9 – “ō”

One word from each of the rhyming word list:

1. pole, mole, hole

2. rose, hose, nose

3. vote, note, rote

4. home, dome

5. cone, bone, tone

6. hope, rope, cope

7. joke, poke

I wish you all a relaxing and fun Spring Break with your families!

Mme Rosina

le 27 février, 2012

Here are the new Dictée lists.

Dictée 17 – ‘ch’

Grades 2 & 3

1. une cloche

2. le parachute

3. une vache

4. le chocolat

5. je suis faché(e)

6. la roche

Grade 3

7. une hache

8. la chevre

9. un chapeau

10. la chicane

11. la cheminée

12. un cheval

Bonus words:

13. les chaussures

14. les chaussettes

15. la chambre

le 16 février, 2012

Bonjour, tout le monde!

Just a reminder that, since this is a short week, we did not have our ‘Dictée or our Spelling tests today. We will test these words next week.

Thank you for sending all the prepared fruit for our fruit salad. I was amazed at the variety!! Did someone coordinate this unbeknownst to me? The children (…and M. Benogo our French monitor) enjoyed it very much! Thank you also to all those who sent along the homemade cookies/cupcakes!!

I brought some French vanilla yogurt to add to the fruit. Some children did not want to have any at first. Seeing their classmates enjoy the yogurt so much though encouraged some of the children to try a bit. 🙂

A big thank you goes to Amelie for bringing the cards about the planets to school today.

We were able to use them to find information for our research on planets!

One learning objective in the study Space is looking at the night sky and picking out the constellations. If you have expertise in this area and would like to do a short presentation for our class, please let us know.

You may have noticed that I do not add a period at the end of ‘Mme’. I did that intentionally. Do you know why? 🙂

Have a restful and fun weekend!

Mme Rosina

Le 10 février, 2012

Bonjour, tout le monde!

Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. If your child is planning on bringing Valentine cards to distribute to his/her classmate, please make sure that s/he writes a card for all. As you know, we do not want this to turn into a popularity contest. On Tuesday, please remember to send along some prepared fruit to add to our ‘Friendship Fruit Salad’. I have had one parent offer to send some cookies as well.

Here are the new Dictée and Spelling lists.

Dictée 17 – ‘ion’

Grades 2 & 3

1. un lion

2. l’ avion

3. la direction

4. la natation

5. l’action

6. une fraction


Grade 3

7. la pollution

8. la télévision

9. Attention!

10. la construction

11. la végétation

12. la discussion

Bonus words:

13. la coopération

14. la multiplication

15. la réflexion

Math concepts we are covering in class: Grade 2s – adding and subtracting with regrouping

Grade 3s – multiplication

Science: Space and Soil, Water and Air

‘Bonne fin de semaine’ to all!

le 6 février, 2012

Bonjour aux parents!!

Here are the new Dictée and Spelling lists.

Dictée 16 – ‘ier’ and ‘ière’

Grades 2 & 3

1. un pommier

2. le cahier

3. un évier

4. un fermier

5. février

6. une policière

Grade 3

7. un escalier

8. un plombier

9. un menuisier

10. une pompière

11. une infirmière

12. un épervier

Bonus words:

13. se méfier de

14. l’avant-dernier jour

Spelling 6 – Grade 3 long ‘a’ sound ‘a_e”

(one from each set of words with the same vowel)

1. date, gate, fate, rate

2. page, cage, gage, age

3. face, race, lace, pace

4. cane, lane, sane, pane

5. cave, wave, save, pave

Thanks go to all the parents/children who have sent/brought back the Home Reading sheets for the month of January! As of now, there are only three left to bring in. Compliments go to the children who are reading so consistently at home and who use their reading time so wisely in class! It is wonderful to see the children engrossed in books! If the Home Reading Program is not yet a consistent part of your routine, now is a great time to start!!

I would like to have the children make a ‘Friendship’ fruit salad on Tuesday, February 14th. Please have your child bring in a piece of fruit or cut up pieces of fruit to add to the fruit salad.

‘Un grand merci’ for all you do to encourage and support your child in their learning!

Mme Rosina

le 27 janvier, 2012

Bonjour aux parents!!

Dictée 15 – ‘g’ (sounds like ‘j’) and ‘g’ ( as in ‘go’) and ‘gu’ (as in ‘guitare’):

Grade 2 & 3

1. un géant

2. je mange

3. le givre

4. le zigzag

5. il gagne

6. le gui

Grade 3

7. gêner

8. nous mangeons

9. un gymnase

10. le garage

11. une guêpe

12. une guitare

Bonus words:

13. une anguille

14. une aiguille

Spelling 6 – Review List

Grade 3

(one from each set of words with the same vowel)

1. Cab, fan, bat, map, ham, bag

2. Bed, hen, peg, bet, red, gem

3. Pig, tin, rib, lip, lid, rim

4. Dog, mop, pot, rod, mob, log

5. Cub, bug, cup, bun, cut, mug

The end of the month will fall this coming Tuesday.

Just a reminder to please send back to school the January Home Reading sheets on Wednesday morning. I want to compliment all the children who are consistently reading at home!! What a great habit they have established already! A big thank you goes to the parents who are assisting with this program and encouraging your children to read. Our Grade 3 children are also reading the Accelerated Reading program books in English.

In Science this term,we are studying ‘Space’ and ‘Soil, Water and Air’. If you have any talents / items you would like to share with the class, to enrich our studies, please let me know.

Merci beaucoup.

Mme Rosina

le 19 janvier, 2012

Just a note to say:

• There will be no ‘dictée’ tomorrow. ‘Dictée 14’ will be tested next Friday,

January 27th.

• I did not hand out this week’s list. I asked the children to copy the words from

the board into their Agendas.

• I will continue to have the children copy the ‘dictée’ words from the board.

• I will also post the new words in case your child is absent on a Friday and so

that you can verify that your child has copied the words correctly.

‘Dictée 14’ – ‘ien’ / ‘ienne’

Grade 2 & 3

1. rien

2. un chien

3. une chienne

4. Très bien!

5. un canadien

6. il vient

Grade 3

7. un musicien

8. un mécanicien

9. le magicien

10. une ancienne voiture

11. une canadienne

12. elles viennent

Grade 3 Spelling List – the short ‘i’ sound (one out of each set of rhyming words)

1. bib, rib, crib

2. kid, lid, hid

3. pig, wig, fig

4. him, rim, Tim

5. fin, pin, tin

6. lip, tip, sip

7. kit, pit, fit

Please ensure that your child reads nightly… books from either our classroom or our School library… and make sure to sign the monthly calendar.


Have a great weekend! 🙂

Mme Rosina

le 2 decembre, 2011

Hello to all!

Today we did hand out the new Home Reading December calendars, the Dictée 12 words, a self evaluation completed by the children and the report card envelope with your child’s attendance for the term. If you did not receive any of the above, it may be that they landed on the floor rather than in the Agenda as requested. 🙂

I can provide the Dictée #12 words.

This coming week we will examine the soft sound of ‘c’, ‘s’ and ‘t’.

2e et 3e année

1. voici

2. cent

3. un garçon

4. des glaçons

5. une scène

6. une addition

3e année

7. cette fille

8. un centième

9. Comment ça va?

10. j’ai reçu

11. les sciences

12. la patience

The class will also review the verb, ‘avoir’:


tu as

il a

elle a

nous avons

vous avez

ils ont

elles ont

Looking forward to next week!


Dates to remember:

Friday, December 9th

We will participate in some Hanukkah activities and make latkes, between recess and lunch, 10:15 til noon.

Wednesday, December 14th

Div 8 will sing as part of the grade 2/3 choir at the Doncaster assembly at 11:00 am. Children are asked to wear concert attire please: white shirts and black or dark pants/skirts. Dark dress shoes or clean runners are recommended.

Parents and grandparents are invited to come join us.

We would like to invite parents/grandparents to bring a book of their choice to read to the class at the beginning of each school day from Monday, December 5th until the last day before Christmas break, December 16th. I will put a sign-up calendar outside the back door of our classroom if you would like to volunteer to read a story to the class on one of the mornings.

Sadly, this week we said good-bye to one of the children in our class. Her family has bought a home outside of this area. We wish Natalie a great rest of the school year in her new school! Tu vas nous manquer, mon amie!

We will be giving out the December Home Reading calendars tomorrow.

Please send back to school the November calendars. We want to continue with the classroom book exchange until December 16th.

‘Un grand merci’ to all for the support and encouragement you give your children!

If you would like to meet with me to discuss your child’s progress, I will be available next week after school. Please email me to set up an appointment.




Div 8… Dictée # 9

les mots de la 2e… et 3e année

1. le son

2. le cochon

3. le dragon

4. il tombe

5. une bombe

6. la trompe

3e année

7. un pont

8. le tronc

9. blonds

10. une ombre

11. un saumon

12. le pompier

Div 8 dictée #1

mots de

2e et 3e

1. un bébé

2. un nez

3. un pied

4. un déjeuner

5. une poupée

6. des carrés


7. un éléphant

8. un élève

9. un été

10. j’ai marché

11. une fée

12. la fumée